Aromatic White Bean Hummus with Toasted Spices

Aromatic White Bean Hummus with Toasted Spices

Your guests will be delighted by this fragrant, flavorful white bean hummus.  The toasted spice topping makes it special and adds a little extra texture to this classic dip.

Aromatic White Bean Hummus with Toasted Spices | cookglobaleatlocal.comWith the holidays right around the corner, we’re all looking for a handful of quick and easy recipes to entertain a crowd.  Personally, the holidays have me thinking a lot about mezze.

It is not so much because I want to eat Middle Eastern food — though it’s perfect for hot weather — but because I like the style of casual entertainment to which it lends itself.  To me, mezze means lots of variety on the table, which is elegantly simple.  That’s what got me thinking about this white bean hummus recipe.

When we lived in Abidjan a few years ago, my youngest son, Yves, loved to make this white bean hummus for our family.  It always felt like an exotic treat — creamy and delicious!

I know that hummus is traditionally made with chickpeas.  However, the truth of the matter is I now prefer the white bean version.  I find it creamier and a little lighter than the original.

Aromatic White Bean Hummus with Toasted Spices |

About the Recipe

Today, I decided to dress the white bean hummus up a little with some toasted spices.  The idea was to add a bit of color, crunch, and the flavor of za’atar to this classic dip.  In my opinion, this formula succeeds beautifully.

However, Yves — being a purist–doesn’t approve.  If you are like Yves — or short on time — you could always skip this extra step.  Though, it does make for a pretty plate.

I hope your family enjoys this hummus as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!


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