Bareburger, Small Town Feel in Bustling Lower Manhattan

Bareburger, Small Town Feel in Bustling Lower Manhattan

Bareburger on William Street is a small space with lots of soul.  Serving up exceptionally tasty food with lots of friendly, small town style.

We arrived at Bareburger on William Street late in the day, after having tried several other establishments — all of which were closed for the Labor Day Weekend.  We were tired, hungry, and uncertain of how this modest establishment would accommodate our party of six.

However, any concerns we had were immediately allayed by the warm welcome we received from the Bareburger team.  The friendly bartender put us at ease, seated us comfortably, and let us know exactly how long it would take to get a table.

In the meantime, we perused the mouthwatering menu.  There were so many excellent options to choose from that it was difficult to settle on just one!  Lamb burgers, bison burgers and free range organic beef were but a few of the options available.

It was also nice to discover a range of vegetarian choices which seemed to have been given just as much consideration as the meat options.  At a burger joint, this was both a pleasant surprise and a treat.

As someone who occasionally sticks with a vegetarian diet, I have frequently been disappointed by restaurant menus.  As often as not, the veggie options feel like flavorless afterthoughts.  Not so at Bareburger, where there were a number of vegetarian choices that sounded both appealing and interesting.

Bareburger, Small Town Feel in Lower Manhattan |
A burger made in heaven. The quality of each ingredient shines through in every bite of a Bareburger.

The Burgers

On this particular day, we all opted for meat.  Our orders included beef, bison, and chicken — all of which were juicy and delicious.  The sauces were flavorful and the side orders were nothing short of impressive.

Fries (both sweet and traditional) and onion rings were crispy and crunchy.  Better yet, they tasted like vegetables.  These were not your humdrum frozen fries from the wholesaler.  They were delicious, fresh, and full of natural flavor.

Moreover, the brisket on the Buckaroo burger would have made a Texan proud. Having been known to sleep on the sofa all night just to babysit a brisket smoking on the grill, I know.  I never could have imagined that a small outfit like Bareburger would have such a tasty brisket!

Our family eats a lot of chili.  So, we didn’t hesitate to order the spicy slaw, which was also delicious.  Lacto-fermented, crisp, flavorful, and nutritious!

The bottom line, if you’re in Lower Manhattan, Bareburger on William Street is an excellent choice.  This is not your typical burger joint.  It is burger heaven!  Better yet, the friendly and efficient staff will make you feel like family.

Planning Your Visit

Bareburger is a quick service restaurant.  No reservations are necessary.  However, prepare for a short wait if you arrive with a big party at a busy time.

My Score:



155 William Street

New York, NY 10038


(646) 657-0388

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 11 AM to 10 PM

Sat – Sun 12 PM to 10 PM


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