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I love cookbooks.  For as long as I can remember, my favorite bedtime reading has been a good cookbook.  Each book takes me on a different culinary journey, teaches me new techniques, and inspires me to prepare more interesting and varied food for my family.  I believe that cooking — as an art, science, and craft — is actually a lifelong project.  The best chefs, and the best home cooks continuously explore, discover new ingredients and experiment in the kitchen.

In that spirit, I am sharing some of my personal favorites, as well as books I yearn to acquire.  If you have favorite cookbooks, I would love to hear from you and discover new horizons to explore.  Bon appétit!

10 Great Cookbooks for Your Holiday Wishlist |

10 Great Cookbooks for Your Holiday Wishlist

I own hundreds of cookbooks.  However, they’re not all created equal.  These are ten of my favorites. I believe every ...
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Review: 'Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen' A Cookbook & Family Memoir |

Review: ‘Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen’ A Cookbook & Family Memoir

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen is as much family memoir as cookbook.  This charming book is filled with family stories ...
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Review: ‘A Girl and Her Greens’ An Ode to Veggies |

Review: ‘A Girl and Her Greens’ An Ode to Veggies

This marvelous cookbook is jam backed with tasty recipes that are sure to help you get more veggies onto your ...
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Review: '1,000 Indian Recipes' A Cookbook for All Seasons |

Review: ‘1,000 Indian Recipes’ A Cookbook for All Seasons

Favorite cookbooks are like old friends.  With time, their pages become tattered and torn, splattered with oil and culinary experiments ...
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