Bright, Fresh Village-Style Greek Salad

Bright, Fresh Village-Style Greek Salad

When warm weather hits, nothing is quite as satisfying — or easy to prepare — as a good, old-fashioned Greek salad.  This village-style salad is a favourite at our house because it is delicious and holds up beautifully on a buffet table.

Bright, Fresh Greek Village Salad | cookglobaleatlocal.comMy best friend in grade school was Greek.  I used to love going to her house after school, because her grandmother, Yiayia, lived with her.  While Yiayia didn’t speak a word of English, her authentic Greek dishes, prepared and served with love, spoke volumes.

Yiayia grew up in Syros, a small Greek island near Mykonos.  Her authentic home cooking burst with simple, hearty flavours, and no meal was ever complete without a plate of tangy feta for good digestion.

Sadly, my best friend and I now live thousands of miles apart.  However, I still crave Yiayia’s delicious, authentic home cooking and try, occasionally, to recreate a simple dish or two for my own children.

This salad is a perfect example.  With this recipe, I have tried to faithfully recreate the flavours I remember in Yiayia’s delicious salads.  So, I’m excited to to share it with you.

Bright, Fresh Greek Village Salad |

About the Recipe

This simple Greek salad recipe yields a crisp, lettuce-free salad with bold, bright flavours.  Tossing the cucumbers, onions and vinaigrette ahead of time allows the flavours time to blend before serving.

Seeding the cucumbers and tomatoes may seem like a cumbersome step.  However, if done properly, it only takes a moment and it’s 100% worth it.  Removing the vegetable seeds and pulp saves you from winding up with a watery, bland mess.  So, please don’t get tempted to skip this critical step.

Lots of people object to the flavour of raw onions.  I happen to love them, and they are an authentic part of this salad.  However, if you have a family of onion haters on your hands, feel free to leave them out.  I’ve tried it, and the salad is still delicious.

I hope your family enjoys this crunchy, authentic Greek salad as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!



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