Creamy, Refreshing Mint Infused Nectarine Ice Cream

Creamy, Refreshing Mint Infused Nectarine Ice Cream

Nothing says summer quite like an ice cold bowl of homemade ice cream.  This nectarine ice cream is one of my favourites.  With a mint-infused base, it’s refreshing and jam-packed with summer, stone fruit flavour.  The perfect end to a barbecue!

I love ice cream.  However, I’ve never liked the idea (or the process of making) of a classic, eggy custard base.  There is something about making a custard that runs against the grain of hot summer weather and a desire to break free from the kitchen and still enjoy great food.

So, when I discovered that a mouthwatering, creamy ice cream could be made without eggs, I was hooked!  Not only is this ice cream super easy to make, it’s also hauntingly delicious.

Creamy, Refreshing Mint Infused Nectarine Ice Cream |

About the Recipe

The best part?  You don’t have to limit yourself to nectarine ice cream.  If you prefer plums — or they’re really looking gorgeous at your local market this week — substitute them.  Peaches would also be great.  However, due to their fuzzy skins, you’ll want to peel them.  Think of this ice cream as a canvas upon which you can paint your own flavours.

I’ve been known to throw a couple of teaspoons of five spice powder or garam masala into the base.  Experiment with flavours you enjoy — from a vanilla bean to cayenne pepper — and the sky is the limit!


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