Currywurst, Germany’s Favorite Fast Food

Currywurst, Germany’s Favorite Fast Food

My father comes from a proud family of German-Americans.  When I was a kid, we would visit my grandparents at the farm outside Sheboygan each summer.  During these visits, I always treasured outings to the butcher and the cheese factory with my Grandpa.  The time we shared together visiting with friends, family and neighbors — then surreptitiously snacking all the way home — made me feel so special.  Though Grandpa probably never ate currywurst, he did thoroughly enjoy his bratwurst.  So, this recipe always reminds me of him.

If your family is anything like mine, you will want to make a double batch of the sauce.  It is highly addictive and the kids use it on anything and everything.  My family enjoys this sauce best, when it is prepared with my South African Style Curry Powder.  However, you can also use your own favorite blend.

Currywurst, Germany's Favorite Fast Food |

Which Sausage to Use

As for the sausage, don’t worry too much about which sausage to use.  Personally, I like to use weisswurst, while others swear by pork bratwurst.  Any good, local grilling sausage (boerewors in South Africa) will do.  This is Germany’s favorite fast food.  Don’t overthink it!

Although I have put this dish in the barbecue category, it is also a big hit at parties where I often serve it as a starter.


If you’ve never prepared bratwurst before, Brats and Beer has some great tips for cooking them — and even making your own sausages!

2 thoughts on “Currywurst, Germany’s Favorite Fast Food”

  • I love German bratwurst, I like it with sauteed cabbage. I love the idea to serve with sauce. I look at the photo and to me, it is food for a feast!

    • Thanks Gala. It’s one of our favorite family treats from the grill. If you love bratwurst (as I do), you’re sure to love currywurst. The hot, spicy, sour sauce is 100% addictive!

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