Everyday Instant Pot® Goan Coconut Fish Curry

Everyday Instant Pot® Goan Coconut Fish Curry

This quick, fish curry from Goa comes together in mere minutes, thanks to the pressure cooker.  It’s a delicious, healthy meal that’s easy to put on the table in under an hour.

Everyday Instant Pot® Goan Coconut Fish Curry | cookglobaleatlocal.comI am so excited that the Instant Pot® has finally arrived in South Africa!  As a busy, working mother of four, I have been watching the American Instant Pot® trend with serious envy.   The many mouthwatering recipes for the device circulating online spurred my hunger to try this innovation myself.

Despite being naturally skeptical of gadgets that promise to do “everything” or replace a plethora of appliances — as the Instant Pot® does — I was genuinely curious about this timesaving device.  I have used a traditional, stovetop pressure cooker for years.  However, you cannot put a normal pressure cooker on auto pilot, nor can you leave it unattended.  With the Instant Pot®, however, you can do both.

I cannot pretend to have reached a conclusion on the Instant Pot® just yet.  However, this fish curry — my first recipe using the Instant Pot® — is one of the easiest and tastiest meals I’ve ever prepared.

I loved the fact that I could set the pot to cook and it was able to take care of itself while I dropped my daughter at her dance lesson.  Needless to say, the rest of the family was also grateful not to have to wait to be fed!  So, on this first round, the Instant Pot® is definitely a winner for busy cooks.

About the Recipe

My eldest son was born in India, and my husband and I worked there for almost ten years.  Thus, India — and its many diverse food traditions — is near and dear to our hearts.   Having spent quite a bit of time in South India, where fish curry is common, I happen to love it.

Each and every community has a different style of fish curry.  So, it’s tough to get tired of eating it.  As far as I’m concerned all fish curries are delicious, and the best ones are served with hot fresh, fried, puffed breads known as puris.

I am trying to avoid eating fried foods, including my beloved puris.  However, I’ve recently been enamoured of the health benefits of coconut milk.

So, for this first Instant Pot® recipe, I decided to prepare a coconut milk based curry hailing from the beaches of Goa.  This recipe is very accessible because the ingredient list is simple.  Even a novice cook will have no trouble preparing it.  Plus, the tamarind paste gives it a lovely sweet and sour element that most people enjoy.

I hope your family loves this curry every bit as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!


2 thoughts on “Everyday Instant Pot® Goan Coconut Fish Curry”

  • Jeanette, I never cook with coconut milk fish. The recipe is full of flavors and I need to try this one! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Gala. If you’ve never tried coconut milk with fish, you’re in for a huge treat. It is delicious because the mild sweetness of the coconut milk complements the natural sweetness in the fish. Then, a hit of flavour — and even heat — takes it over the top for me. I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!

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