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Festive Hibiscus & Pineapple Infused Gin

Festive Hibiscus & Pineapple Infused Gin

This deep red infused gin is undoubtedly my favourite holiday tipple.  It makes a beautiful gift and really shines in festive cocktails.

I am not much of a cocktail drinker.  However, I have to confess that I love a gorgeous cocktail during the holidays — especially when that cocktail is a deep, rich, festive red.

In West Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America, deep red hibiscus drinks are a year round affair.  These drinks, which are sweetened and served cold, involve a wide variety of tropical fruits and seasonings.  They are usually non-alcoholic.  So, they are beloved by children of all ages

When I was in Abidjan recently, I enjoyed just such a drink.  A friend offered me a delicious, cold, refreshing glass of bissap — which is a popular West African juice made from hibiscus and pineapple.  This gin was inspired by the tastiness of that lovely glass of bissap.

However, being alcoholic, it’s quite a bit naughtier.  Don’t worry, though, when you brew this gin for your friends and family, you’ll go straight to Santa’s “nice” list — regardless of what you’ve done this year.

I recommend you make a lot more of this delicious infused gin than you think you’ll need.  You will be surprised how much you’ll enjoy the bright cocktails you make with it.  Plus, in a pretty bottle, with a bit of ribbon, nothing says “I love you” quite like a gift from your own kitchen.

Festive Hibiscus & Pineapple Infused Gin |

The Recipe

Making infused gins is a deceptively simple process.  However, when working with hibiscus tea (feuille de bissap in French), you must be exceedingly careful.  Without proper precautions, you’ll wind up dying yourself — and your entire kitchen — ruby red.

If you’re particularly worried about stains, you could strain the finished gin into bottles outdoors.  Otherwise, I’ve had very good luck — in my pure white kitchen — with just a bit of caution.

I bottle my gin in two steps.  First, I ladle the steeped brew through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl.  Then I ladle the strained gin very carefully into a funnel placed into the jar or bottle I am using to store or gift it.

I hope you and yours enjoy this gin as much as we do.  Happy holidays and bon appétit!


Festive Hibiscus & Pineapple Infused Gin
Festive Hibiscus & Pineapple Infused Gin
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Category: cocktail
Cuisine: African

This deep red gin is delicious in holiday cocktails and makes a lovely festive gift. It takes just minutes to put together and will be enjoyed by friends and family throughout the holidays.

  • 80 g dried pineapple chunks
  • 1/2 cup loose hibiscus tea
  • 1 liter gin

  1. Mix the pineapple chunks hibiscus tea leaves and gin in a large jar. Seal or cover tightly and store in a cool dark place for 5 days.
  2. Shake or stir daily.
  3. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer to remove all solids from the infused gin.
  4. Decant into decorative bottles. Can be consumed immediately or stored in a dark cupboard indefinitely.

Use an inexpensive, mild gin for this infusion. Most of the flavour should come from the hibiscus and the pineapple.

Be careful to thoroughly strain the gin before bottling. Any solids remaining in the gin will limit its shelf life.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

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