Fragrant Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning

Fragrant Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning

Fragrant Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning is a versatile dry rub, that’ll kick your barbecue game into overdrive!   This sugar-free mix imbues meats or veggies with the rich, aromatic flavours of the Aegean.

Fragrant Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning | cookglobaleatlocal.comI have always had a love affair with food from the grill.  Something about the smokey goodness and rich caramelisation that can only come from the grill thrills my senses.

Perhaps its the sense of connection with those who came before — for whom the grill was the only way to cook.  Or, perhaps it’s the coziness of friends and family gathered around the fire.  Either way, I find myself headed out to the grill in just about any weather.

You may wonder what this penchant for grilling has to do with healthy eating?  As my husband and I continue to prepare more thoughtful, healthy meals, we’ve become slaves to flavour.  After all, what’s the use of making something healthy if it doesn’t taste good?  So, I’ve found that — after removing unhealthy fats and sugars from the equation — the seasonings really must shine!

Hence, the rich, smokey flavours from the grill have become a part of my seasoning arsenal.  And, as any expert will tell you, great BBQ always starts with a delicious rub.  While there is plenty of disagreement over whether to apply the rub well ahead of time or moments before the food hits the grid, there is no discussion about the importance of seasoning.  Even when you plan to sauce your meat, a great rub enhances and complements the flavour of the sauce.

Moreover, having a couple of great seasoning blends ready to go in a kitchen drawer really speeds preparation on busy weekday evenings!  Faster preparation makes it lots more likely you’ll prepare a healthy, homemade supper rather than reaching for the takeout menu.

Fragrant Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning |

Recipe Ideas for Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning

The thing I particularly love about this Mediterranean BBQ seasoning is its versatility.  Try tossing a couple of spoonfuls of Mediterranean BBQ seasoning over cut up summer veggies lightly dressed in olive oil.  Toss them on the grill or  pop them into in the oven for a quick, delicious side.

This blend also makes a tasty foundation for a quick salad dressing.  Use 1 part acid (lemon juice or red wine vinegar would be tasty) and 3 parts olive oil.  Season to taste with Mediterranean BBQ seasoning and whisk up a quick vinaigrette.

Or, simply rub this spice blend generously over chicken, steak, or lamb.  Let the meat come up to temperature while you light the coals and prepare for a quick, tasty treat.

The uses for this simple, flavourful Mediterranean BBQ seasoning are limited only by your imagination.  So, have some fun and experiment!  I hope your family enjoys this fragrant spice blend as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!


Recipes Using Mediterranean BBQ Seasoning

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