Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™

Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™

Delicious, healthy, homemade tomato soup is easier to make than you think.  Thanks to the Instant Pot™, it’s on the table in under 30 minutes — with no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™ | cookglobaleatlocal.comI adore tomato soup.  For me, it’s classic comfort food, and the addiction started early.  When I was a little girl, a bowl of piping hot tomato soup and a toasted cheese sandwich were classic snow day fare.

That red bowl of goodness was what I looked forward to after a morning filled with snow, sledding, and chapped cheeks.  I would slurp a bit of soup.  Then, I couldn’t wait to crunch into a toasty, gooey, cheese sandwich.

The minute the weather turns cool, the little girl in me still yearns for that comforting bowl of tomato soup.  However, my taste buds and my sensibilities have both changed over time.

I no longer enjoy reconstituted soup from a tin.  Rather, I crave something fresher and lighter.  I yearn for a soup that resounds with the bright flavour of fresh tomatoes while still satisfying my belly with a certain amount of substance and body.

Why Use the Instant Pot™?

Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™ | cookglobaleatlocal.comIf you crave rich satisfying soups at the last minute — and don’t want to use a tin — the Instant Pot™ (or another pressure cooker) is a lifesaver.  Thanks to its quick-cooking action, the Instant Pot™ cooks carrots and potatoes in no time flat, making it possible to create rich, full-bodied soups without using cream.  Moreover, it infuses the soup with the flavours and fragrance of the aromatics in a way that stovetop cooking can’t match.

The other benefit of pressure cooking is that it preserves nutrients better than stovetop cooking.  Since foods cook faster, and at lower temperatures, more of their natural nutrition is preserved.  So, pressure cooking also yields healthier soups.

If you haven’t yet tried making delicious vegetable soups in your Instant Pot™, you’re in for a real treat.  Once you master the technique, you’ll be turning out vegetable soups on a regular basis.  I like to double (or even triple) my recipes and freeze the extras for emergencies.

Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™ | cookglobaleatlocal.com

About the Recipe

Herby Tomato Soup from the Instant Pot™ | cookglobaleatlocal.comThis tomato soup is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever find.  I love the fact that you can rough chop the veggies and toss them into the pot without too much thought.

In addition, you can vary the seasonings according to your personal preference.  I’ve been known to add curry powder or chipotle chiles depending on my mood.  Sometimes, I add a bit of fresh ginger.  Other times, I crave for rosemary.  So, I genuinely hope that you’ll get creative with this recipe and try some of your own variations.

If you hanker for a creamy soup, you could always stir in some cream or yogurt at the end.  I would suggest adding the creamy bits after depressurising the pot.  After pureeing the soup, simply, leave the pot on the [Keep Warm] setting.  Then, stir the additions in gradually, until they’re incorporated and your soup reaches your desired consistency.

Most of all, I genuinely hope that your family enjoys this tasty soup every bit as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!


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