Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage Skillet

Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage Skillet

This easy, hot Italian plant-based sausage skillet is the perfect answer for a busy day.  A one-skillet meal that’s hearty, tasty, and satisfying.  This is the perfect meatless Monday dish, guaranteed to satisfy even your favourite carnivore.  

Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage Skillet | cookglobaleatlocal.comThere’s nothing better than a terrific home cooked meal.  Nonetheless,  even the most devoted home cooks are often short on time.  For those busy days, it helps to have an arsenal of easy recipes you can make in a heartbeat with very little thought.

This hot Italian plant-based sausage skillet is just such a recipe.  It’s simple.  The recipe contains just 9 ingredients.  Baby spinach, tomatoes and cannellini beans make it a balanced meal.  Moreover, it can easily be amped up — or stretched — with a batch of freshly cooked gnocchi stirred through during the final minutes of cooking.

Best of all?  This one-skillet meal is whipped up on the stove in just 30 minutes!

I’ve used hot Italian plant-based sausage to keep this skillet meal light and healthy.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it’s hearty, flavourful, and satisfying.

Hopefully, this simple, delicious dish will help you incorporate an additional meat free day into your routine.  It will certainly make it easy to satisfy both the meatless crowd and your beloved carnivores with one, quick main.

Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage Skillet |

Hot Italian Plant-Based Sausage Skillet |

About this Recipe

As with any simple recipe, ingredients are paramount.  Use the best ingredients available to ensure the finest results.

Plant-Based Sausage?

Here in Johannesburg, Beyond Meat’s hot Italian plant-based sausage is readily available.  It has a terrific flavour, and even my meat loving family members enjoy it.

Moreover, in terms of this recipe, I’ve found that the Beyond Meat sausages brown up beautifully.  This caramelisation is an important part of the recipe’s flavour.

However, if you have comparable (or preferred) products in your local supermarket, feel free to make an appropriate substitution. Just don’t skip the browning step!

Adding Gnocchi

Should you wish to make this skillet a little heartier — or stretch it to feed more hungry folks — gnocchi make a gorgeous addition.  Simply cook one 500 g packet of potato gnocchi according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When the skillet is ready, stir the cooked gnocchi through the sauce.  Keep it on the stove for about 2 minutes to allow the flavours to penetrate the gnocchi.  Then, serve.

I hope this easy hot Italian plant-based sausage skillet helps you get a healthy, hearty meal on the table on a busy day.  But, mostly, I hope your family enjoys this skillet meal every bit as much as mine does.  Bon appétit!


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