Bubble Tea: Kung Fu Tea, Our NYC Chinatown Favorite

Bubble Tea: Kung Fu Tea, Our NYC Chinatown Favorite

While NYC’s Chinatown offers plenty of options for bubble tea, our favorite is Kung Fu Tea on Christie Street in Chinatown. Their tea and bubbles are both super fresh. Plus, they offer an unsurpassed variety of menu options.

A visit to New York City’s Chinatown would be incomplete without a cup of bubble tea — piping hot in the winter, or ice cold in summer.  Having sampled a bubble tea or two in our time, our hands-down family favorite is Kung Fu Tea.

Clearly we are not alone, because Kung Fu Tea boasts six locations just in lower Manhattan! I can personally attest to the fact that the store on Christie Street is packed both day and night with satisfied customers searching for more great tea.

The Tea

There is good reason for Kung Fu Tea’s popularity. The name, Kung Fu, was chosen by the owners to reflect their constant pursuit of excellence in every aspect of their business.  From customer service, to product development, Kung Fu Tea consistently strives to exceed customer expectations.  This passion is reflected in the quality of the tea they serve and the efficiency of the service.

Many bubble tea outfits seem to focus on sexy, sugary drinks to the detriment of quality.  Thus, I have come to expect a sweet treat, without much else to recommend it.  However, Kung Fu Tea is an exception.  The quality of the raw ingredients shines through.

Kung Fu Tea brews tea fresh every three hours and makes bubbles every two hours.  In addition, they source only the very best handpicked teas from Taiwan.  This care results in extraordinary tea.

Thus, even a simple milk tea is delicious.  I tried both the black tea and the oolong, and thoroughly enjoyed both.  My husband, who is a green tea fanatic, became absolutely addicted to the honey green tea during our stay in New York.

As for the fruit teas, and even the Oreo Wow Milk, my children thoroughly enjoyed them.  I tasted the  Mango Green Tea, which was divine.  The nata jelly balanced it perfectly and added an interesting textural element.

Kung Fu Tea, NYC's Best Bubble Tea! | cookglobaleatlocal.com
Kung Fu Tea is our family favorite. Delicious, fresh, quality hot and cold beverages the whole family will love.

Planning Your Visit

Bubble Tea: Our NYC, Chinatown Favorite | cookglobaleatlocal.com
Don’t be put off by the queue. Kung Fu Tea is bustling day and night. But, service is quick and efficient!

Never tried bubble tea?  Not sure what, or how, to order??  Never fear.  Kung Fu Tea’s menu board clearly explains all the options.  Moreover, they have a handy Top 10 list of their customers’ favorites posted in the store.  So, there’s more than enough information to help you make a choice you’ll be happy with.  You’re more likely to leave with a long list of items you’d like to try than to be left wanting!

Kung Fu Tea is a quick-serve establishment.  So, you needn’t worry overly much about the planning.  However, be prepared for a brief wait during peak hours.

We patronized the store on Christie Street in Chinatown.  However, Kung Fu Tea has outlets across the US, and in Australia and Vietnam.  I strongly encourage you to check their website or download the app to find a location convenient to you.  Bon appétit!

My Score:



73 Chrystie St

New York NY 10002



Hours of Operation:

Sun – Mon  11 a.m. – 10 p.m.



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