Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish

Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish

Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish is a deliciously rich and satisfying addition to any holiday menu. The aromatic spices are guaranteed to complement and enhance any roast. Best of all, a handful of ingredients and limited hands-on effort make it stress free.

Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish | cookglobaleatlocal.comWhen you’re preparing a big holiday meal, it’s always nice to have a couple of items that can be prepared well in advance.  It’s also great to have a few recipes that can practically cook themselves.  This allows you to focus on the stars of the show — mains and desserts.

For me, this Mughlai cranberry orange relish ticks all the right boxes.  It’s prepared in the slow cooker.  So, the only ongoing effort required is the occasional stir.

Better yet, this relish is easy to prepare the weekend before a holiday because it keeps beautifully.  And, it’s certifiably delicious.  I would gladly devour this relish all by itself!

To top it all off, the flavours in Mughlai cranberry orange relish go well with just about any holiday protein.  It’s got that gorgeous balance of tart, sweet, and mild spice that’s sure to complement whatever you happen to be serving — including those post-holiday sandwiches.  In fact, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you might want to triple the batch and freeze two-thirds for Christmas and New Year’s.

Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish |


Slow Cooker Mughlai Cranberry Orange Relish Ingredients | cookglobaleatlocal.comAbout This Recipe

This recipe is so simple, it almost feels like a cheat.  Nonetheless, it’s absolutely delicious!

In Johannesburg, where I live, we only get frozen cranberries.  So, I’ve written the recipes for frozen cranberries.  If you’re using fresh cranberries, you will likely be able to shorten the cooking time by at least 45 minutes.  So, let your senses be your guide.

Remember, the syrup will continue to thicken as the cranberries cool.  You don’t want to reduce it too far.  However, if you do, don’t panic.  You can always add a little water to loosen it up.  Accidentally over-reducing your relish won’t compromise the flavour.  And, with the slow cooker, it’s nearly impossible to burn it.

Can I Make this Relish on the Stove?

Of course, you can!  Put all of the ingredients in a non-reactive saucepan and cook over medium heat.  Stir regularly, for about 30 minutes, or just until the berries burst and the liquid reduces and becomes slightly syrupy.  Do not leave the sauce unattended, as sugar can burn very quickly.

I hope your family enjoys this simple Mughlai cranberry orange relish every bit as much as my family does.  We wish you a very happy and relaxing holiday season.  Bon appétit!



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