Spicy Radish Salad

Spicy Radish Salad

Nothing is more delightful than finding those sweet bunches of cheery red radishes in the market each spring.  This simple salad is an ideal way to enjoy them.  It’s quick, easy, and a delicious companion for meats from the grill.

This fresh, crunchy radish salad comes together in under 20 minutes and is an ideal accompaniment to grilled meats.  The texture and freshness of the salad contrast beautifully with the smokiness of meats from the grill.  It is equally delicious as part of an elegant, light lunch.

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With the arrival of spring, radish envy hits me hard.  There is something about the arrival of these lovely red gems in the markets that calls out to me.  I am inspired to use these crisp and ephemeral treats in just about every way imaginable.

The simplest way to enjoy radishes is the classic French style.  Wash them.  Take a nibble.  Then, slather the exposed radish with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of salt.  I am not sure there is a more perfect way to appreciate the texture and mild spiciness of the radish.

Nonetheless, I don’t have the patience to eat all of my radishes in this time-consuming fashion.  More importantly, I want to bring a few to the table in ways that highlight their elegant simplicity.

This radish salad is the perfect choice for such occasions.  It accentuates the clean, fresh, crispness of the radishes without overwhelming them with competing flavors.

I think this salad is particularly tasty with rich, fatty meats from the grill — such as lamb chops, steaks, bratwurst or boerewors.  The salad’s fresh crunchiness and tart citrus notes contrast beautifully with the charred meats.

This salad is bound to become a favorite with your family — as it is with mine.  Bon appétit!


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