Thai Chicken and Sesame Stir Fry

Thai Chicken and Sesame Stir Fry

This lean and flavorful Thai stir fry is packed with crunchy vegetables and comes together in just 30 minutes.  Perfect for busy weeknights.

When my children were small, we lived in New Delhi for a few years.  At that time, there were a number of good Thai restaurants in and around Delhi, and Thai food become a weekly treat.

Being in South Asia, these restaurants featured chefs from various corners of Thailand.  So, their menus were fairly different from those I had been accustomed to in the US.  Our tastes quickly began to expand beyond the more standard fare of coconut rich curries and pad thai.

Thai Chicken and Sesame Stir Fry | cookglobaleatlocal.comIt was also interesting to discover that not all Thai food is fiery hot and that there are very specific regional nuances.  As silly as that may seem, it was a revelation to me.

In fact, classic Thai cuisine is comprised of five distinct regional cuisines.  Each of these cuisines is elegant and complex.  However, they are not all scorchingly hot.

A Note on Ingredients

This particular dish hails from Northern Thailand, where it would traditionally be prepared with wild game birds.  If you have access to boneless wild duck, guinea fowl, pheasant, or pigeon, it would greatly enhance the flavor of this recipe.  If not, you can use boneless, skinless chicken, as I have.

For the vegetables, I chose to use both broccoli and baby boy choy in my recipe.  However, you do not need to use two vegetables.  This dish would be equally good with one or the other, or even something else entirely.  When in doubt, go for what is freshest and most seasonal where you live.  Personally, I would stick with something crunchy and green.  Bon appétit!


If you’re a stir-fry novice, don’t worry.  Our quick, six-step guide to will get you up to speed in no-time flat.


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