Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce

Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce

Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce are an easy vegan appetiser that can be prepped ahead and frozen.  Then, they’re easily baked on demand.  Perfect for last-minute entertaining, drinks with loved ones, or easy snacks, and so delicious they’ll leave everyone asking for more!

Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce | cookglobaleatlocal.comWith the holiday season right around the corner, it’s always nice to have a few tasty tidbits tucked away in the freezer.  Whether serving surprise visitors or those you love, easy treats are a welcome reprieve from the season’s exertions.  Plus, with the growing number of vegans in most social circles, having a vegan starter everyone will like in the freezer is a huge plus!  What’s more, these simple vegan doner kebabs offer all the great flavour of a fast food treat in a healthier format.

Naturally, a tasty puff pastry appetiser calls for a delicious dipping sauce.  Kebab rolls would taste great with tomato ketchup, harissa, or yoghurt sauce.  But, in just a few extra minutes, you can use pantry ingredients to whip up a batch of my spicy, sweet and sour tomato sauce and take them to the next level!

This is one easy starter you’ll find yourself enjoying year round.  It’s got all the charm of a classic sausage roll with a hint of exotic Eastern flavour.

Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce |

Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls with Spicy Sauce |

About this Recipe

This is a very easy recipe and one that both children and adults will love.  Nonetheless, I have a few suggestions to ensure your vegan doner kebab rolls turn out beautifully.

Working with Puff Pastry

Frozen puff pastry is a huge time saver, and it’s easy to work with.  Nonetheless, if you haven’t used it before, these tips and tricks will come in handy.

  1. Thawing:  You can thaw puff pastry on the countertop in a pinch.  However, keep an eye on the dough so that it doesn’t become warm.  Personally, I prefer to thaw puff pastry in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. Cold Pastry:  Remember, what makes puff pastry puff is globules of fat suspended in the dough.  So, keeping your pastry cold will ensure you get maximum puffiness when you bake it.  It also makes the dough easier to work with.  If your dough gets too warm, it will become stretchy and difficult to handle.  Don’t panic! Simply pop it back into the refrigerator until it firms up.  Then, continue with the recipe as directed.
  3. Cracks:  Don’t worry if you open your puff pastry sheet and find a few cracks.  This is pretty common.  Simply dip a clean finger in a bowl of water and press to close up the crack.  Then, proceed with the recipe.
  4. Cutting:  For best results, you want to cut cold pastry with a very sharp blade.  A pizza wheel or a chef’s knife is perfect for this task.  Personally, I find the pizza wheel easier to use.  However, if you use a knife, please ensure that you make clean cuts, straight down.  Do not cut at an angle.

How Do I Freeze Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls?

Prepare the rolls according to the recipe.  Then, instead of baking them, freeze them on a sheet pan.  (This step will prevent them from sticking together.)  Once the rolls are frozen, you can portion them into zip-lock bags.  To reheat them, simply follow the recipe, but add an additional 5 minutes to the cooking time.

Can I Keep Uncooked Vegan Doner Kebab Rolls in the Refrigerator?

Absolutely! These rolls can easily be stored in the fridge for up to a day, prior to baking.

I hope you enjoy these simple, delicious doner kebab rolls as much as my family does.  Bon appétit!



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