Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites

Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites

These delicious vegan seekh kebab bites are the perfect easy appetiser for casual entertaining.  Packed with great flavour and so “meaty” that even the most devoted carnivore won’t realise they’re vegan!

Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites | cookglobaleatlocal.comI’ve recently adopted a vegan diet.  This is not because I am virtuous, but rather to address some unpleasant hormonal challenges.  It seems that eating animal products makes these problems worse.  So, I’ve opted out.

However, my family has not followed suit.  My long-suffering husband has largely joined me — though he often digresses.  My kids — on the other hand — hate the idea of eating vegan foods.

So, when I propose food to them, I’m often confronted with questions such as:

“Is this vegan?” (No matter what the food looks or smells like, an affirmative answer will practically guarantee the kids won’t eat it.)

“Did you use the vegan cheese in this?” (The emphasis in this question usually makes the word vegan sound like a synonym for revolting.)

“Is this fake meat?” (Again, an affirmative answer means a low likelihood of consumption.)

I understand these reactions perfectly.  Vegetarian cuisine has always felt accessible to me.  However, in my mind, vegan diets were alien and extreme.  I was that hostess who dreaded the one vegan guest who “couldn’t eat anything”.  (That’s the very person I endeavour not to be when I go to parties now!)

This problem is undoubtedly becoming increasingly common as more people experiment with eating vegan at least part of the time.  So, the advent of new meat substitutes which — when prepared properly — can taste meaty enough to fool skeptics and haters is a godsend.

Plant-Based “Meat”

Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites | cookglobaleatlocal.comThis seekh kebab recipe uses one such plant-based mince (ground), and I am pleased to tell you that it even fooled my skeptical non-vegan children!  I can say this with confidence because, when I was testing the recipe, my youngest son happened to finish school just as a fresh batch came out.

He’s always starving after online classes.  So, he asked if he could have some.  Of course, I said “yes”, and he dug in without asking further questions.

A moment later, he asked “so, you guys still can’t eat meat, right?”  I immediately understood that he was hoping to swoop in and eat the rest — because he thought it was meat!  This was music to my ears.

So, if you still struggle with what to serve your one vegan friend that won’t wind up sitting in your fridge for a week after s/he is long gone.  Or if, like me, you’re following a vegan diet in the midst of a non vegan family.  This seekh kebab bite recipe is for you!

If you’re thinking of trying plant-based mince with other family favourite recipes, go for it.  The product can be used similarly to traditional mince in a wide variety of applications.  However, if you want to fool the carnivores, I highly recommend using plant-based mince in dishes that are robustly seasoned.   If there are enough other flavours in the dish, nobody will miss the meat!

What Can I Serve Seekh Kebab Bites with?

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Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites |

About this Recipe

Vegan Seekh Kebab Bites | cookglobaleatlocal.comVegan seekh kebab bites are as easy as 1-2-3.  However, I still have a couple of suggestions to help you achieve optimal results.

If you have time, prepare the “meat” mixture ahead of time and allow it to sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, or up to overnight, please do so.  The longer the “meat” sits, the better the flavours will penetrate and develop.

A spring-loaded cookie scoop is an idea tool for forming evenly sized seekh kebab bites.  While not essential, a small, spring-loaded scoop makes it much easier to create equal sized meatballs that will look pretty and cook evenly.  So it’s an investment I highly recommend!

Finally, what if you don’t have a mini chopper?  Not to worry.  You can still make delicious seekh kebab bites.  Simply grate the onion on the small holes of a box grater, press the garlic, grate the ginger, and mince the chilli peppers (if using).    Once these aromatics are blended into the meat mixture, the minor textural difference won’t be noticeable.  I only recommend the mini chopper because it’s faster — and I’m alway running from behind!

I hope your friends and family enjoy this recipe every bit as much as mine do.  Bon appétit!


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